This Coffee Obsessed Blogger Reveals L.A.'s Best Coffee Shops

This Coffee Obsessed Blogger Reveals L.A.'s Best Coffee Shops

Fashion Designer Indah Nur, better known as Indah Heart, is not only a style connoisseur, she knows her coffee.  She acquired a high standard for coffee growing up in the Island of Java in Indonesia.  Not long after moving to LA, Indah began exploring LA and finding great coffee shops to compliment her great style.  She confessed that while working downtown, she would go for coffee twice a day!  If you don't believe it, you could follow her #indaheartcoffee feed for further proof.  

In fact, when I first met her she holding iced coffee and when we recently met up, she had me meet her at coffee shop in my neighborhood that I had never heard of.  No doubt, she knows how to curate the perfect vibe with coffee.

Here are her favorite spots/drinks to stop in before shoots, work, meetings or just for a simple cup of joe.

1. Eightfold Coffee  Not only goes great with her contemporary aesthetic but, it it also a great small place to get some work done.  Drink: Matcha Latte with oat milk, Lavendar Coffee or Hong Kong Tea Latte.

2. Stumptown  Great place in the art's district to chillout and enjoy some of LA's superb coffee roasters.  Drink: Vanilla Latte.

3. Groundwork Coffee & Co.  With trendy locations all over the city, it is easy to casually drop in delicious and reputable coffee.  Drink: Chai Latte or a Cold Brew.

4. Maru Coffee  Perfect coffee for the perfect minimalist with just two locations in downtown and Los Feliz.  Drink: Vanilla Latte with oat milk.

5. Blue Bottle Coffee  Top ranking chic places to grab a coffee, a bite and talk about stylish matters.  Drink: New Orleans with almond milk and try a waffle. 

Honorable mentions: Woodcat Coffee Bar's Solid Almond Latte, Zinc Cafe's Iced White Mocha, Tilt Coffee Bar's Cloud Latte, GiorgiPorgi's Shekarato, and La Colombe's Latte with oat milk.