How to Get a Masters in Gucci

How to Get a Masters in Gucci

Perhaps people who work in luxury retail are the smartest people in the business.  After all, they create branding that one pays 100 times the reasonable price for the item then, we justify it.  That alone is an art.  

As the retail business gets trickier in all categories, finding talent to lead these mega brands has become quite a task.  Gucci has really embraced the millennial culture and hence all of its recent great success.  It is no secret that in order to sell to millennials, it is more impactful when you hire them.  Where do you find these incredibly smart young people with impeccable taste level?  Polimoda for starters.


Polimoda, one of the Italy’s top fashion schools founded in Florence in 1986.  Earlier this week, they announced the launch of a new master’s course in partnership with Gucci.  Entitled ‘Fashion Retail Management’, the course brings together two pillars of the Italian fashion industry, Polimoda and Gucci, through the education of talented students who will be equipped to take up managerial roles in the fast evolving retails business of international luxury brands.

In partnership with Gucci, there will be guest fashion visionaries and invaluable real life experience shared with the students who will have the opportunities for internships and jobs at Gucci.  This is excellent news as unconventional education is needed in a time of modern thinking.  Especially the Generation-Z, who the majority dream of social media fame.  Cheers to staying smart and stylish!